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5 Best Things About Being Single For the Holidays


Here we are, once again single for the holidays.  No need to pout and no need to cry, there’s really no reason to shout either.  There are many reasons why it’s great to be single for the holidays.  Let’s explore the top 5, shall we?

One less gift to buy

Not just any gift, but a gift for a significant other that carries with it a lot of pressure. You’re taxed with the assumption that you’ve been paying attention to every whim and desire mentioned during the past year. Not to mention you’re expected to know sizes, favorite color and the spelling of their name. That’s just way too much.


No fake smiles or forced conversation

Your own family is quite enough to handle. The last thing you need added to your plate is some else’s Aunt Gladys asking about your receding hairline or ideal birthing hips. I’ll stick to discussing the pros and cons of the latest iPhone update with my own Uncle Frank, thank you very much. If you’re going to be single for the holidays, there’s no one better than your family to remind you of that fact, over and over.  Aren’t they great?


 Celebrating with friends is the BEST!

No better to time to drown those single sorrows with some like minded folks!  Get together with all of your single for the holidays friends, drink some holiday Moscow Mules, have a white elephant gift exchange and play a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Life doesn’t get much better than that!


You can kiss anyone on New Years!

When that clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it’s the one time that you won’t get slapped for an unauthorized kiss. So grab your crush and go for it. You can even make it a triple kiss if you like – no one’s stopping you!


Tinder makes it easy

So maybe you don’t have friends or family in town, or aren’t invited to any parties. Not to worry! Grab the closest smart phone and start swiping right. Someone is bound to be in your same elfin single for the holidays shoes and ready to stand with you under mistletoe. What happens on Tinder stays on Tinder – usually.


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