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Baseball and Sex in the Modern World

4d96de_9_48d03df10849ecc80d2-postAs the College World Series gets underway, undoubtedly at the forefront of the minds of many coeds on and around the baseball field is one nagging desire – sex. It almost ranks up there with your craving for peanuts and beer. Something about the word baseball just makes the mind go to that naughty place. It’s OK, happens to the best of us. Let’s examine why baseball and sex go hand in hand, shall we?


Sex Sells

Just like the evolution of the sexy Halloween costume, this great country of ours slowly grew from proper and demure generations to down right naughty millennials. With the introduction our new best friend named Google, there is no longer a mystery in words and terminology. So it makes sense that what began as an innocent and cryptic reference to hooking up has now evolved into serious public displays of affection.


It all started with Bull Durham

Why is it that baseball is the leading sporting event in the United States where its spectators have sex in the stands? I mean, you don’t see that at hockey games, and not likely football games either. I realize the temperature might be a factor, as guys seem to avoid shrinkage at all costs. But if that’s the explanation, then what about golf or tennis matches, polo, rugby, soccer, badminton? Then there’s the sex enticing activities – 7th inning stretch, the wave, mound ball! The only other outdoor public event you’re likely to spot public fornication is at a music festival.
Sure, there will be the occasional balk, I mean, it can happen with the potential pressure of YouTube infamy. There might even be some strikeouts should the participants be rooting for a team such as the Cubs.


Baseball and sex is inevitable

So let’s break this down: could be the tighter uniforms, could be the triangular shape of the field, might even have something to do with the shape of the bat/ball combo. Who knows, has anyone ever done the research to see if combining peanuts, hot dogs and beer has an aphrodisiac effect? Just sayin’, we need to explore all options here.

There’s an app for that

I think a likely suspect is right there in front of us, especially to those single and adventurous some of us looking for a hit and run. It’s called Tinder. It’s an app that helps to satisfy that more immediate and impatient need that seems to be slowly plaguing all of us. If you’re a switch hitter, there’s an app for that too – it’s called Grindr. Baseball does not discriminate.


Why settle for third base?

So there you have it, just like the players on the field and their loyal fans, everyone is hoping for a home run tonight. Hell, I bet the Longhorns or even the Anteaters and likely the Rebels have some naughtiness brewing. Because why not, baseball and sex go together like Harry Caray and the 7th inning stretch! Play ball!



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