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Dispelling the Online Dating Stigma

elephantsIt’s quite the conundrum – online dating is a HUGE industry, meaning oodles of single (and some not so single) folks have existing and active profiles on web sites such as Match, EHarmony and JDate.  Meanwhile, you are hard pressed to find someone in person who will admit, “Yeah, I’m online”, or even worse “Oh, we met on OKCupid”.  The shame! The horror!  It’s like admitting you enjoy the smell of your own farts.  Only a person who is confident in themselves and not afraid of being judged is going to confess to such a peculiarity.  The same exists with online dating.

The outspoken majority who yell as loud as they can “I would NEVER sign up for an online dating site!” are insecure and afraid of judgment, plain and simple.  These are the same people who, if they ever did build a profile, would use old, photo shopped pictures, lie about their age and brag about an exercise routine which doesn’t exist beyond the Vision Quest video currently in their VHS player.

These haters (who are gonna hate regardless the topic) have a whole list of reasons why they wouldn’t lower themselves to online dating.  Let’s break a few down, shall we?


This is simply not true.  Building an online dating profile only means that you are a realist and practical.  You aren’t meeting quality people in your town for a myriad of reasons – you’re busy and don’t get out much, you’re a bit shy, the people you DO meet just aren’t cutting the mustard.  Going online is opening up your options.  You’re still the same single person you were in the bar sitting there drinking your Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy.  Now you’re just sitting in front of your computer with a plethora of more options, still drinking your PBR, for a fraction of the price, mind you.


I’m of the mind that no one is a loser.  One man’s loser is another man’s princess/knight in shining armor.  Who’s to say who is cool and who is a loser?  Are we in middle school?  (If you answer yes to that, I think you’re on the wrong site) There is someone for everyone.  Successful online daters are comfortable with themselves and honest on their profiles.  They will in turn attract like minded souls.  What’s so loserish about that?!  Even “cool” people have a hard time finding people to date in the live person world.  Take it from me, I’m one of them.  It’s tough out there!


Yeah, I also walk around wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m Available” or “Please Date Me”.  Alright, so maybe some of those people do exist, and yes, they are in fact desperate.  But we here at Profile Wingman don’t judge.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  To each his own.  But online dating – not an act of desperation.  It’s simply an effective use of your resources.  It used to be that you could only meet/date people in your school/neighborhood/town – simply because that’s all that was available to you.  Now we have the internet!  The world is our oyster – why not take advantage?  Who’s to say our soul mate doesn’t live 500 miles away?  There is no reason to limit our options.  Not desperate, just resourceful!

So to those naysayers who poo poo online dating, I say go fly a kite!  Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.  Sit down before you fall down (my 5th grade teacher Mr. Winters used to say that, it’s a good one)!  To all of you online daters out there – keep doing what you’re doing.  Don’t let anyone impose their negativity and doubt onto you.  Just remember to stay true to yourself, always be honest and lead with your heart.  You can never go wrong.  You’ll find that special someone who is just right for you, I promise. No stigmas here.

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