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Evolution of the Sexy Halloween Costume

sexy-halloween-costume-from-victorias-secret-10As Halloween approaches and I am assembling my own costume, a thought entered my mind.  Why is it that I am in the minority when it comes to the amount of skin shown on every All Hallow’s Eve in the past decade-ish?  I am referring to my fellow fairer sex, of course.  Granted, guys have their moments.  But you are hard pressed to go into a store and find many options other than a sexy Halloween costume for the ladies.

How and when did this happen?  Let’s take a look back, shall we?

The 60’s is where is all began

Thank you Timothy Leary, John Lennon and Hugh Hefner.  While we were tuning in, turning on and dropping out, we were also dreaming about what it would be like to be Yoko Ono.  More importantly, every girl with anything inside her bra worth a gander was yearning to dress like a Playboy bunny.  Hence the sexy Halloween costume was born.

playboy bunny

 70’s – all Halloween costumes came in a box

The box included a satin suit to wear over your clothes which tied in the back and a plastic mask with an elastic strap which was sure to break by the end of the night.  The mask posed the extra challenge of breathing, seeing and most importantly, candy consumption.  I’m referring to the kids costumes of course.  Adult costumes at the time were more humorous and timely.  Many centered around Saturday Night Live characters – Coneheads, Big Butts, Land Shark.  There were many Richard Nixon masks and Sonny and Cher costumes as well.  The sexier costumes of the day stuck to true form – French maid, candy stripe nurse, maybe a random Dolly Parton. These were the days of free love and less stringent marijuana laws.

Nancy Reagan killed our buzz in the 80’s

Everywhere we went we had to Just Say No.  Apart from that, our everyday wardrobes were costumes in and of themselves.  Parachute pants, shoulder pads, Members Only Jackets, not to mention Flock of Seagulls.  It was like we were trapped inside of ourselves and couldn’t find our way out due to the sheer bulk of everything.  So Halloween would roll around and things didn’t look much different.  Girls were already dressed like Pat Benetar, Madonna and Flashdance.   The sexy costumes were still covered up – a devil consisted of red leggings, red sweater, a tail and some horns.  Maybe you’d get really racy with a toga – but likely you’d still see a white bra strap poking through. HOT huh?!


In the 90’s it all fell apart

Bill Clinton took over and the general American vibe settled comfortably into the seven deadly sins.  Greed and gluttony were particularly evident, and it all came to an emotional head at the end of the decade.  I blame everything on the trifecta which included Monica Lewinsky, Pam & Tommy Lee and Britney Spears.  After those three attacks on our innocence, not to mention our psyche, we were left without our dignity and ensured to end the second millennium with a bang.  Once we woke up, brushed ourselves off and returned from the dry cleaners, all bets were off.

Y2K – enter the Sexy Halloween Costume

The turn of the century brought with it free reign and plenty of porn.  You want it – go to the World Wide Web, it’s there for the taking.  Porn stars became mainstream famous. People’s perception of sex changed.  Deep seated fantasies were awoken and starting finding their ways out.  Some in the bedroom, many more with the head scratching success of 50 Shades of Grey, and the rest on Halloween night.  There is no longer any need to dream up a sexy costume idea.  EVERY costume is sexy!  Whether you’re Pocahontas, the big bad wolf or a police officer – you can bet your ass they’ll be some of it showing, along with cleavage and much else to leave nothing to your imagination.  Women who are normally buttoned up, prim and proper are given a day pass on their sexuality for one night of the year.  Who made these passes anyway?  OK guys, you can put your hands down now.

So there you go.  I wonder what the next decade will bring.  Probably full on body painting – clothing optional.  Me, I’m going to stick to my home made, unique and usually unrecognizable costumes.  One year I was the girl from Blind Melon’s No Rain video – adorable.  This year I’ll be Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph.  Yes, I’m an adult, but I’m still a kid at heart.  I’m also secure in my sexuality, no need to flaunt it shamelessly to the world.  Of course, I don’t judge.  Go get ‘em girls!

Photographic evidence forthcoming.  Patience children.


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