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Couple 2 copyFrequently Asked Questions of the WINGMAN

Q:  How does this work/what can I expect after I place my order?

A: Shortly after you check out, you will receive a welcome email from your Wingman.  This will include a short questionnaire.  You will then set up a time with your Wingman for a live phone or Skype consultation.

Q:  How do I decide which service is best for me?

A:  If you’re unsure the extent to which you feel you need assistance, consider what is or is not working for you.  Is it your profile, your pics or just your emails that seem to be your strengths/ failing you?  If you’re not sure, just call us at 866-461-0570, shoot us an email or do the live chat if that’s available, and we are happy to help you make that decision.

Q:  I’m still unsure about ordering from you.  How do I know that you’re real and that you’ll do a good job?

A:  That’s a valid question, as buying on the internet always comes with a bit of hesitation.  Rest assured, we are real people and we provide a valuable and quality service.  Want further reassurance?  Talk to us in our chat window (if currently available), send us an email, give us a call or better yet, sign up for our free photo assistance.  There’s no risk, only reward, and you will see firsthand the level of our expertise.  Sound like a plan?

Q:  Why are your prices so much lower than your competition?  

A:  We think the better question is – why are their prices so high?!  Honestly –  while yes, we are here to make a living, our primary goal is to help YOU!  Sounds corny, but we launched this website because we recognized the great need out there for dating profile help.

Q:  Do you work with people in other countries?

A: YES!  We work with anyone and everyone!  Granted, we are only English speaking (OK, some French and Japanese).  We currently have clients in the US, Canada, England, Switzerland, Tajikistan and Australia!  Our credit card processors are a bit picky, so if you are outside of the US, UK or Canada, contact us first so we can ensure your payment goes through.

Q:  I’m having issues with the checkout.  Help!

A:  It might be your browser.  Try switching to another browser and see if that does the trick.  Still having problems.  Just call us – we’ll do some troubleshooting, not to worry!

Q: What’s the turn-around time on a new from scratch profile creation (“services” option 2)?
A: Give us about 5 days from your interview, we’ll give you a heightened opportunity at a new and improved dating life!

Q: When can I expect to have my thoughtfully and creatively edited profile back to my inbox (“services” option 3)?
A: We think about 3 days should do the trick.

Q: What is the length of the phone call and/or Skype session?
A: We cannot put a time limit on excellence. We will allot an hour – might be longer, might be shorter, who cares!  As long as the job is done, and done well!

Q: Do you only do dating profiles for particular sites?
A: While we have done diligent homework on the myriad of sites out there, we’re sure we missed a few.  We’re open to anything and everything. We don’t judge.  However, see the next question.

Q: Do you write profiles for X-rated sites?
A: Sorry, but no, where is the challenge in that?!

Q:  Do you cater to mostly male, female, young, old?
A: We will help whomever asks, and that has included equal parts male and female, all age ranges, all sexual orientations. Even if it’s your dog looking for a mate, we’re open to it. Do they have doggy dating sites? If not, they should! My dog is in desperate need of a playmate!

Q: Will you write my first emails as well?
A: Yes!  We have three services which include email writing.  There is a stand alone Email Assistance service, or our creme de la creme Concierge Service, which gets you emails and oh so much more.  We also have a subscription based service called Wingman at Your Service which includes email help, profile tweaks and ongoing advice.

More questions?  Contact us!


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