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Honesty and Ashley Madison

713f9f19e3f909017_493f5bbfcf-post  I bet “honesty” is a noun you never thought you would see paired with the “dating” site Ashley Madison – but there it is, I’m doing it. You might be screaming at your screen in horror, “How? Why? Are you serious?!” but hear me out. The biggest complaint you get about profiles on most dating sites is their dishonesty. Although Ashley Madison users are not being honest with their spouses, they’re at least being candid with each other.

“Profiles” on Ashley Madison are written with honesty

I have the word profiles in quotes because you don’t actually have a written profile on Ashley Madison, it’s just a series of check boxes asking what are you are willing to do sexually. No pussy footing around the truth on this site (ok yes, pun intended), they get right to the point – you might even say they head it off at the pass (couldn’t resist). People are on this site for one reason, to have sex with someone other than their significant other. Might as well get the logistics out of the way at the onset.


Who peed in the hackers’ Wheaties?

A hacking group named the Impact Team has claimed they have the private info on all 37 million users (that’s a LOT of cheaters!) – and their reason? Because the men on the site are “cheating dirtbags and deserve no such discretion” and the site itself “promised secrecy but didn’t deliver”. Sounds to me like a skilled hacker discovered her husband was cheating by finding information that he paid to have Ashley Madison delete for him. So now all the cheaters of the world (or at least the ones practical enough to use a well known online resource who promotes honesty in fetishes) must pay!


Where will the cheaters go now?

Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? I don’t think a little public exposure is going to cure the Ashley Madison users’ desires for ball gags and golden showers from people less prudish than the ones currently faking sleep next to them.   Where will they go? Are the mainstream dating sites about to be overrun with these two-timing, hanky-panky playing, fling searching horn balls? POF might have to change their name to Too Many Fish. More importantly, how will they find each other? Will there still be honesty in their profiles without all of the illicit checkboxes?


Be on the lookout

If I were you, and I currently had a dating profile where I was seeking a monogamous relationship with another single, I might avoid certain screen names. Keep an eye out for AMfallout or AMisMyJam or CheatWithMe – these might raise some red flags. But if you’re one of them, we’re happy to help you find the ones you seek, because here at Profile Wingman, we don’t judge.

382d418About the Author:  Nanci is a resident Wingwoman here at Profile Wingman, where we help people write their online dating profiles.  Our #1 goal always is honesty. Watch our video, learn more about us, check out our services, and come back often for interesting blog posts.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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