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Hookup Guide for a Summer Music Festival

kiss_at_coachella_FullWhen the sun comes out and temperatures rise, outdoor happenings become the norm for many. An exciting and ever popular activity on the summertime circuit is the music festival. The general aura of peace and love, music, dancing and mood enhancing substances all contribute to and intensify the ever present dominator of our daily thoughts – sex. The question is, how to make these musings a reality? Your resident Wingwoman took one for the team and attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival in Indio, California this past month, all in the name of research. You may assume that the aforementioned fluffers, if you will, can make hooking up at a music festival as effortless as shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not as easy as it seems, dedication and charm still need to exist, just like in the real world. So whether you’re going to Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Glastonbury, Outside Lands, Tomorrowland or Exit music festivals, read on for some valuable tips.

Get in tune with the energy and karma which surrounds you. Typically, people go to music festivals with the intention of relaxing, melting into the rhythm of the music and generally putting forth good vibes. Most likely, you sauntered in with similar goals. Being on the same wavelength is half the battle. Search for that familiar look in the eyes, the glowing aura. For example, I was rockin’ out to the band Grizzly Bear, having a good time day 2 of Coachella, and suddenly the guy in front of me turned to leave. But before he walked off, he decided to give me a quick kiss and a grab of the ass. Then he was gone. It was good for me, I assume it was good for him as well. Sometimes it’s just the little things in life.

Make good use of the long lines. Tens of thousands of people attend these festivals; you are bound to stand in a few lines over the weekend. Take advantage of this time! Strike up a conversation; ask which show they intend to see next, or what their favorite has been so far. Compare your vinyl purchases and tips for not letting them melt in the sun. The best line in which to meet someone is the entrance to the camping area. Drinks, tents, privacy, all await you on the other side. Be hospitable, offer an invite back to your camp. Now it’s time to make that magic happen.

Think outside of the music festival box. So, you went to the festival with an existing boyfriend/girlfriend/lover, but you didn’t get a camping spot and all of this positive energy is making you super horny. What to do? Remember the tens of thousands of festival goers who surround you? They’re all wrapped up in what stage they need to get to in 5 minutes, remembering where the smoothie stand is located and finding their friends so they can get another dose of happiness. Basically, they don’t notice you or what you are doing. Go for it. Find a partially obstructed spot, a place where no one would ever think you would do anything private. Most people will not even notice or care. Enjoy!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even form a lasting love connection. Or at minimum, a reliable festival hookup buddy. Somebody in the 60’s knew what they were doing when they created free love. Let’s just continue to perpetuate that wonderful state of being. What better venue than a summertime music festival? Go out, enjoy the music, take in the art, do some serious people watching, make out with a couple random people and have fun – I know I did!

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