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I Give Great First Date

fdb6c86fcf0d6069ffd6990212e3-post I’m not here to brag, it’s just a fact. I give great first date. How do I know this, you ask? Well if I had a nickel for every guy who texted me after with “Best first date ever!” then I still wouldn’t be able to afford an Oprah Chai from Starbucks. My point is, the nickel just isn’t worth what it used to be. But I digress.


What is a Great First Date?


A great first date is one where both parties feel comfortable enough to relax and be themselves, where conversation flows, ideas blend and you can’t believe this person was a complete stranger just a few hours earlier.   Granted, a great first date is relative, after all. What’s qualifies and a rockin’ good time to a 65 year old may seem like a total waste of time to a 23 year old. Every one has a different goal for the ideal end to the date. But it’s not necessarily about what you do, it’s more about how you feel that gives you those warm fuzzies.



What’s My Secret?


I feel there are many factors in my approach which contribute to each great first date.

  1. I don’t psych myself out. I walk into every date with no expectations, knowing that I’m happy with who I am, and these next few hours aren’t going to make or break said happiness.
  2. I’m a hugger. Yes, I like to hug. I mean who doesn’t!? But saying “nice to meet you” with a hug rather than a handshake, fist bump or high five really sets the ball rolling in the right direction. Instantly you’ve created a more relaxed connection and set the tone for familiarity and intimacy.
  3. I’m curious. The newer the environment, the more I want to learn. If it’s a new guy, I want to get to know him, but not necessarily how many siblings he has and what his major was in college. I’m a fan of organic conversation, letting words flow out of situations and observations. You get to know someone better that way.
  4. I don’t hold back. If I see an opportunity to make a joke or poke fun, I’m taking it! It’s all about being yourself and showing your true personality from minute one. If you laugh, cry and shock, to me that’s a great first date.
  5. I know the city and what’s going on. So I have a lot of good and fun and different ideas of things to do and places to go. I like to take advantage of the weather. If it’s nice, I’ll suggest a walk across the bridge. If it’s snowing, I’ll challenge him to a snow fight. I like to mix things up.


Screw the Rules!


There are many “experts” out there who tell you a long list of taboo topics to avoid on a first date. Religion, politics, and ex-relationships lead the lineup. I say, if it comes up, who cares? You have a comment, opinion, stance, it’s going to come out eventually, now’s a good a time as any. You might want to reel back your passions or fanaticism until the person knows you better and can take your comments with a grain of your salt. But my feeling is any topic is ok as long as the conversation can stay light and unbiased. Offending your date is probably not the best move. Just go out and do what I do, give a great first date!


382d418About the Author:  Nanci is a resident Wingwoman here at Profile Wingman, where we help people write their online dating profiles.  Our #1 goal always is honesty. Watch our video, learn more about us, check out our services, and come back often for interesting blog posts.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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