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Love is in the Air

petalsairIt makes sense that February has officially and unofficially been named the month where love is in the air at every turn.  It follows the whole gluttonous, electricity sucking, listening to the same music over and over until it makes you want to puke, then you drink too much in the name of some baby you’ll never meet and finally do lose your Xmas cookies season.  We needed an entire cold and snowy month to sit inside, regain our sanity, replenish our bank accounts and consider if our resolutions are really attainable, or even worth it.  Who invented this whole revolution crap anyway?  Personally, I’d rather just keep on keepin’ on.

Let the Love Begin

So here we are, holding hands and hoping for second base with the bastard stepchild of the solar calendar.  We’re going to spew so much love into the air we’ll be singing zippidy doo dah out of our assholes.  It starts off a little shaky though; with this whole love/hate thing we have with a rodent who shall not be named.  I don’t know why this poor guy has all this pressure put upon him year after year – seems kind of abusive and almost racist if you ask me.  But I guess he had a whole day (and a movie) named after him, so maybe life isn’t so bad.


The Pot Bowl

However the day begins, we are guaranteed to finish with laughter, cheer and likely a few will shed a tear, all in the name of beer, party food and oh yeah, football.  With a Bowl that may or may not be Super, depends on whom you talk to.  (Sorry Peyton)  At least we can all agree on the commercials – to me they’re just fun to tweet about #EnsureSave30.  Such an American past time – TV, fattening food, overspending.  Oh yeah, love is in the air, somewhere.


Team America, f#@k yeah!

What’s the next big event looming in the distance?  The Olympics, where the best of the best in the world, or at least those who could afford an expert trainer and a trip to Sochi, go to show off their talents and run around their little village having random sex with other elite specimens.   Let’s hope they all make it out in one piece, and for their own safety, stick to the opposite sex.  Love is even in the Russian air, approximately!


Love is in the air

and has been amassing for the first two weeks of the month.  It will come to a head on the 14th with what Hallmark has deemed the one day of the year where we should all loudly, openly and with a sweet tooth and deep pockets declare our love for one another.

Screw that!

To paraphrase Dirk Diggler, I’ll love who I want to love, when I want to love them!  Who are you, commercialism, to tell me when and how to show my adoration for those who have captured my heart?  And to charge me an inflated price while you’re at it?  I don’t want a bouquet of flowers that cost 4 times as much on this day than any other day.  I’d rather have a dozen paper flowers which will last forever.


 Call me cynical

Call me a hater of Saint Valentine, but I want to show my love every day to every person I love in whatever manner I choose and at the very moment I feel that burst of loving energy.  I’ll write a hand written letter, I’ll bake a cake, I’ll pick up the phone, I’ll give a hug, I’ll cuddle, I’ll send a kiss emoticon, I’ll order your favorite dish from Zanzibar – and I’ll say those three words as often as I feel them, every day of the year, not because some date on the calendar told me to, but because I do.  I love you man.  So there.


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