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Pet Peeves

animalsWe all have pet peeves, like it or not, there just seem to be some things that get under our skin without fail.  As much as you say that you unconditionally love someone, if they leave the cap off of that toothpaste one more time, you are liable to go postal!  You know what I mean?  This applies to online dating profiles as well.  Certain pet peeves are limited to this venue.  Here are some of mine:

Spelling and Grammar – obvious I know. I’m just a stickler for this sort of thing.  I read an article today saying people who have poor spelling in their profiles are just in a hurry to get something written and get on with the perusing of photos.  I disagree.  How long does it take to proofread?  This profile is a direct 2 dimensional reflection of you!  Don’t you want this online “you” to appear at least half way intelligent?  Three quarters intelligent is much better.

Self Depreciation – the “I’ve never been on a dating site before” intro.  We’ve all seen it.  Who cares!  You’re here now.  Just because I’ve been here for a year, doesn’t make me any more of an expert.  You still like who you like, are attracted to the same people, and write basically the same profile.  There is no pass for newbies.  You’re here, you appear, get used to it!   Actually, don’t put yourself down at all.  You’re supposed to be selling your self, remember?  Keep that in mind.

Bad photos – I can go on and on about these (I did, actually).  Shirtless, dead animals, pics without you in them, no picture at all – these are causes for me to move on, no questions asked.  I don’t care if your profile is brilliantly written, a picture says 1000 words!  Maybe try and make those words flattering, tasteful and leave a little to the imagination, hmmm?

Sex talk – if this goes with your goal (same earlier blog reference) and you are on a specialized, sex related dating site, then by all means, tell us about your unique fetish.  Instant message that guy/girl and ask about his/her favorite posish. Otherwise, please try not to offend and disrespect right off the bat.  We all like sex, especially when we’re single.  That’s pretty much a given.  How about we focus on the more potentially lasting aspects of a person’s personality FIRST?  When you meet, your sexual chemistry will be obvious pretty quickly.  No need to talk about it. Not yet.

In conclusion, if your online dating profile is attracting the wrong person, or no people at all, go back and take a look.  You may be unwittingly making people cringe all over the online dating world.  What are your pet peeves?  Am I missing any?



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