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What’s the first thing people notice when they see you, online or in person?  It’s not your personality, your intelligence, your wit or even your scent (hopefully), it’s your exterior in all its glory.  Your face, hair, body, posture, sense of style – all of that and so much more is taken into account at first glance.  So, let’s try to get this right, shall we?

Some photo advice for online dating profiles:

Go Outside

Outdoor lightning is most flattering.  Your bathroom (mirror) is probably the least.  Morning and evening light is probably the best.

Get a Friend

Selfies are never good, even (especially) when you make a silly duck face.  Get someone else to take the photo – a friend, coworker, family member, even a child has the skills to point and shoot.  Don’t be embarrassed, they know you’re single.  Big deal!

Keep it Casual

Meaning don’t pose, even though you are posing.  Make the pics seem more candid.  Laugh, have fun with it.  Let your personality come through.


Make Sure Your Smile is Real

This goes with the no posing rule, a real smile lights up your eyes and your whole face.  You are infinitely better looking with a real smile.  Who doesn’t want that?!

Show it All

OK, not ALL – but I want to see your eyes, hair, teeth in all except for maybe one of your photos.

In at least one photo I want to see your full body (clothed, of course) and another doing something you love.

In only one pic I will allow a cocktail and one photo with you and another person.

Keep it Current

All of your pics should be from the last year or so.  If they’re older, that’s ok if you still look exactly the same or if it was from your trip to a place with a cool view.  Just make sure you caption those.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Clothing, background, stance, zoom in, zoom out, with friends, solo, with your dog, whatever.  All of the photos should tell a new story.

Make Sure You’re in the Photo

No rainbows, kittens, or mountain views.  I can see that on my own.  I’m on your profile to see you.   Show me you.

Photo Advice Service

This should get you started.  Free photo advice here at Profile Wingman!  Get together your photos and send them on over – we’re happy to give our honest opinion.  Believe me, we don’t hold back!


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