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Positive Energy Seeks Same

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That’s my mantra – maybe I should have a t-shirt made.  Positive energy seeks same.  Although I don’t know that the seeking is really so necessary.  Positive seems to find positive, often in the oddest of situations.  It’s kind of like that book The Secret (I didn’t read it, just watched Oprah a lot), when you put it out there, it comes back to you.  Happens to me all the time.  I feel the more in tune I am with the energy which surrounds me, the better equipped I am to not only recognize, but be open and receptive.

Where to find positive energy

The most palpable of energy is music.   Ever notice the difference in your senses when you’re seeing music performed live versus listening to a recording?  Watching the musicians, you can almost see the positive energy emanate forth.  Feeling the vibes of those around you in the audience, especially if you’re on the dance floor, will intensify this energy.  Or what if the band is in a small venue?  The energy is contained, even has a directional flow.  I recently attended a concert in an apartment as part of Califone’s living room tour.  The energy was so intense I swear I had an out of body experience.  I called it my Alice in Wonderland moment as objects seemed to take on different sizes.   It was magical.  I highly recommend it.

How to recognize positive energy in a person

It’s easy really.  It shines.  If you were a hippie you would see an aura.    You can feel it.  The energy will inspire in you happiness, an inner glow, even the chills.  It will leave you with a lingering and lasting feeling, one you can harness and hold onto.  The easiest to notice is a smile, a generous spirit, or an ease about the person.  It’s someone who is honest and open and comfortable with themselves.  Ever notice how pets and babies are more receptive to relaxed people?  It’s because they are radiating positive energy.  It’s the basic form of communication, like your inner voice or intuition.  Believe that voice – it knows what it’s talking about!

Just say no to negative energy                                 free-hugs

Ever been to Vegas and a gambling table suddenly goes cold?  Someone got angry, tense or anxious and started seeping negative energy.  It spreads, just as positive energy can lift the moods of those around you, negative will bring everyone down.  Run from that, run far.  Focus on the positive, in all aspects of life.  By exuding positive energy, you attract and inspire the same in others.  I’m one of those people who would stand on the sidewalk holding a “Free Hugs” sign.  I love hugs.  I feel it’s a wonderful way to share and transfer positive energy.  It’s leading with your heart.

What to do now?

Aim to live your days by sending forth positive energy.   Immerse yourself in energy nurturing situations – a yoga class, a painting party, a concert or even better, a music festival – any place that helps you to access your inner feelings of goodness.  Surround yourself with people who make you smile, look for the joy in every situation and try to be someone’s day maker – it’s so much fun!  You will find this positive energy will begin to reflect back and shine onto your life in every way.  I just heard a great quote, “Great leaders cultivate their energy, and don’t cultivate their time” said by Caroline Ghosn.  When you harness the positive energy, it will work to your advantage.  That’s all you need!   adorable sloths


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