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Get the answers to the questions you always wanted to ask by our resident online dating expert, Nanci Kavich. She will share her depth of knowledge to help get you more quality dates and help you connect with the special someone you’ve been dreaming about.

#STORIED: The Science of Online Dating
St. Louis Public Radio Young Friends and NPR Generation Listen brought a storytelling experience hosted by Adam Cole from NPR’s Science Desk. Featuring three local storytellers and three expert panelists. Profile Wingman presented a humorous view of life in the online dating world.



Profile Wingman™ Writes Your Dating Profile So You Can Put Your Best Self Forward by DatingAdvice.com

Nanci Kavich started Profile Wingman with her friend Marcia Kapustin as a solution to a recurring problem they saw in the dating world — too many people were posting dating profiles of themselves that just weren’t working. After a little research and some ego-boosting success stories, Nanci and Marcia were able to launch Profile Wingman in 2013. Now Profile Wingman helps hundreds of clients a year attract more matches and make better connections — thanks to Nanci’s talent for writing profiles and emails in ways that capture each client’s unique voice.

READ:  “Profile Wingman Writes Your Dating Profile So You Can Put Your Best Self Forward”

Writing Online Date Profiles (Podcast) by Zaid Arafat
Nanci Kavich is co-founder of ProfileWingman.com, a website that assists people with writing their online dating profiles.She is an expert in helping online daters who struggle with the writing of profiles and emails, the main focus always being honesty. She also offers endless tips and advice, knowing the dos and don’ts of the online dating world. Her clients include people from all walks of life and from all over the world, all with a common goal of finding love online.

LISTEN: “Writing Online Dating Profiles” (Podcast)

14 yr old Helps Mom Find Online Love by Nanci Kavich
Lori Holland thought every guy on online dating sites was creepy. This was her perception, which created the fear that kept her single and offline for many years. Lori’s mother kept bugging her to get online and open up her options. One day Lori’s 14-year-old daughter couldn’t take the grandmother’s nagging anymore, so she took it upon herself to write her mother’s profile. Two days later, Lori met the man who would become her husband.READ: “14 yr old Helps Mom Find Online Love”

St. Louis Native Guides Singles Through Online Dating with New Service “Profile Wingman” by Sam Levin
Shirtless selfies in the bathroom. Profile pictures with dead animals. An overly self-deprecating biography.These are just a handful of the common mistakes dating website users make, according to St. Louis native Nanci Neuman Kavich, who is promoting a new kind of service aimed at helping those struggling to find love on the Internet. She’ll be your online dating adviser! A kind of modern-age Cupid, Kavich may not be able to directly connect you to your soulmate, but she can increase the odds.READ: “St. Louis Native Guides Singles Through Online Dating with New Service “Profile Wingman”

Grace: Want to spice up your online dating profile? These 2 Omahans can help by Erin Grace
Everyone needs an editor.

Columnists, for instance.

But apparently those in rather urgent need are the lovelorn, who, on dating websites, tend to write too long, reveal too much and either overstate their qualities or cast themselves in unflattering light.

So says a pair of Omaha women who have launched a business promising to be your local, modern Cyrano de Bergerac.

READ: “Grace: Want to spice up your online dating profile? These 2 Omahans can help

Profile Wingman by Annette van de Kamp-Wright
It’s time to find that special person. Maybe you’re divorced, or never jumped the broom at all, and decided to wait until you finished college and had a career. But the dating landscape has changed; you’re older and wiser, and meeting some random guy or girl at a bar just doesn’t cut it. It’s not your style, and it doesn’t work. So when your best friend suggests a dating site, you think, why not? What could possibly go wrong?“Plenty,” say Nanci Kavich and Marcia Kapustin. They know, because together, Nanci and Marcia operate Profile Wingman, a company that consults clients on how to best present themselves online.READ: “Profile Wingman”

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