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Sugar Baby Phenomenon

kid-s-homework-my-daddy-really-loves-sugar-he-even-eat-it-with-oQUb3O-quote Also known as the Anna Nicole Smith Experience, a Sugar Baby Phenomenon is sweeping the nation. Does anyone even notice? It quietly began with the downturn of the economy. Then once we became accustomed to Donald Trump’s hair, it seems we morphed into being immune to the most outlying of anomalies. Younger women with older men, is this the new black?

Sugar Baby Stats

Why be a Sugar Baby?

Why be a young, beautiful girl with the world at your feet and reduce yourself to the title of Sugar Baby? You’re subjected to the stares, the questioning relatives, and the likely hood of interacting with sagging genitals, by choice! Some say it’s for practicality. If women are going to be objectified, misogynzied (yes, it’s my blog, I can make up words) and held captive beneath the glass ceiling, then you can bet we’re going to get crafty with our escape route/coping technique. Why not take our valuable assets and use them for self preservation? College tuitions, rent, cars, breast augmentation, this stuff isn’t going to pay for itself! Why not give rich old men the one thing they don’t have – tight skin – and get paid for it?


Or is it True Love?

Who are we to assume the dynamics in another’s relationship? Nosy bloggers, that’s who. When I see a young beautiful woman helping an elderly man get out of her fancy car, I give pause. Then I see a lingering kiss and a blinding bobble on her left hand, and my mind immediately says “wait a minute…sugar baby?” Or can it be, that a young woman loves an older man for his mind and not his wallet (and life insurance policy)? Maybe! It’s conceivable that he’s kind, respectful, stock full of wisdom and good advice, and knows how to treat a woman. Like handwritten letters, this wonderful practice that was once the norm has fallen by the wayside. Perhaps old school is the new black.


There are Outliers

There exist situations (albeit rare) where a young woman is attracted to an older man for his wit and personality, and yes, his age. Not for his bank account or declining health, but simply because of the year he was born. We don’t call a younger guy who likes an older woman a sugar baby, we call him horny and wanting to avoid drama. Similarly, young women who like older men have practical reasons. Sure, some may have daddy issues, while others might just be old souls. But the fact remains, generally an older man does not play games.  His life is established, he has a lot of free time and is eager to start making check marks on his bucket list.  Plus, his pill case always contains a little blue tablet. What more do you need?


Don’t Assume

I think that’s the general rule in life, don’t judge a book by its cover. She may look like a sugar baby, act like a sugar baby, and make demands like a sugar baby, but she might just be a duck. There could be true love and at the very least a mutually beneficial thing happening there. As long as it’s consensual, more power to them. What the world needs now, more than ever, is the freedom to love, screw and accept gifts from whomever you choose, without judgment. So with that I say – go get ‘em grandpa!

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